Really, the most expensive and unpredictable entity of life is a smile. Behind every smile is a motive that is good or bad that may sometimes not be detected. The act of smiling is primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth and include a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes, an action knowing as a duchenne smile.

Conditions warrants we humans to smile especially when we feel happy or something good happens to us, but when ever we are faced with difficulties and issues that seems discomforting our countenance changes leaving us anxious. We are bound to face challenges at every single stage of our lives which we are only guaranteed to move to the next level when we properly tackle them. Our manner of approach to problems really matters a lot because they determine whether we are successful or not.

One of the life changing ways of dissolving issues in our lives is to simply putting up a smile on our faces and say everything will be alright even though it does seems like. Smiles are healing balm to the soul, even though you have travelled miles searching for solutions to that problem just keep up with the smiles and stay alive.



Spending your whole life stuck in that particular grade, job, position and status that seems like there is no progress. Setbacks are caused by many factors such as negligence, ignorance, and lack of focus towards issues concerning you and can be experienced spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, socially, professionally, recreationally, physically and in other aspects resulting to a whole lot of catastrophes in your life.
Opportunities, on the other hand can be found anywhere and everywhere but are always in disguise which makes it difficult for us to identify them. They can be created and identified if and only if you engage in thorough discoveries that starts from yourself as well as considering possible steps to take towards success. You can choose to see setbacks as stumbling blocks or stepping stones to success.
Determine what path in life you want to trail on, stagnation is not an excuse for mediocrity therefore keep working hard and striving forward because ahead of that stumbling block lies opportunities beyond your imaginations that can transform your life totally for good which will surely be reflected in the world.
See every challenge in your life as an avenue for self development that makes you wiser, stronger and focused towards your goals. Be ready to start life all over by investing your time and energy into activities that will help you achieve your dreams.
A set back is what it is! Do not find yourself dwelling too much on the event, even though going over what went wrong is highly important to prevent future setbacks. My advice here is Setbacks should not take too much of your energy, time and space.


Everyone is in the race for the pursuit of success.
Young, old, male or female we all desire something out of life and aspire towards excellence, (some just work harder than others) and to be acknowledged by all.
It usually happens that, despite all the plans and strategies we put towards achieving our goals, our plans come out futile. We all make mistakes, but shouldn’t be discouraged from trying again.
A major secret I learned over time is that failure empowers you with more knowledge about the task you failed at and the areas in which the mistakes were made. The reality is failure can be demotivating and discouraging. Majority of us just feel like when we fail, we are losers and failures. Well, there are hidden opportunities in failing and only people who possess the right mindset can succeed. In failure, lies within it, the ability to acquire more knowledge about reasons why things worked or did not work out.
If you have not summoned the courage to set goals or are yet to reach your set goals, it’s not over for you. What you require, is a mindset of self-discovery and finding an identity in which only you can figure out your self with the guidance of the right people. A mindset Self -Awareness which is a combination of Self -Criticism and Self – Confirmation. A deliberate focus on the task ahead helps to overcome that doubt and failure, that prevents you from succeeding. To people out there that keep on trying to succeed but end up failing, I say congratulations to you for you are building up yourself, widening your knowledge and conditioning yourself to overcome challenges that might come your way. For those still trying to discover their selves and goals. You also deserve congratulations because you are making efforts to be successful, so never let that spirit die.
No matter the situation and level you find yourself, always congratulate yourself for getting to that level and use that as motivation that keeps driving you to achieve more. ‘Self-congratulation’ should be an encouraging and inspiring mindset that keeps you going on your journey of success.


Sometimes i feel like I should just start my life over again because of the unbearable pain and struggles I face hoping to get something better out of life. I sit down remembering the loved ones I have lost due to different casualties, my failures and mistake that can’t be corrected except if going back in time is possible. As for my dreams and goals I am so far from reaching them due to factors surrounding me and my effort seems futile when I try working towards them.

On a mountain top admiring the beauty of nature as i thought: Just like the clouds that keep moving to beautify the sky with different forms, keep me going forward to beautify my life in various aspects which will later reflect in my world. Just like the hands of the clock that keep moving determined to pass over the bars, keep me going and motivated to pass over every barrier that seems to hinder me from my dreams. Just like drops of rain that continues over a period can become a river, keep me going to develop myself over time and be someone great that is recognized by all. As a man who loses a loved one, keep me going to understand life better and simpler as well as strengthen me to move on with my life as i remember him.

No matter what happened in the past just keep going forward for better things are ahead.


What an amazing, encouraging and touching texts I received from my self in the future explaining the result and the effect of my actions and great benefits of being disciplined now. The texts goes like this:

Hello dear, how are you and the family doing in spite of the major challenges that seems to overwhelm you. The stress and struggles that you are facing now are just to strengthen and mould you for higher places that you are dreaming of. All the responsibilities you are taking now are trying to make you self reliant and a responsible person to your family, friends and the society at large even when everyone seems to neglect their duties.

The late nights and time you spend alone reading books, praying, working and building up yourself are not in vain because here in the future you are the most amazing person that the world has ever known, your skills, intelligence and ideas are what is ruling the World now and making it a better place for all. Most times, it could be frustrating that the little money or lack of it might be insufficient to meet numerous needs at the required period but the truth is that it teaches you to be patient, save money for the future, discourages extravagant spending and lifestyle. It also encourages you to invest money and help others when you have enough.

Another aspect is being very disciplined in all that you do now for it will have great effect on you here in the future. Associate with the right people who support your dreams and life goals, don’t be scared to try your best and express your ideas, focus on making your ambition a reality and don’t give up to failure and doubt because you’re unstoppable. Think critically about your thoughts, words and actions for they determine how you will be here in the future. Stay simple and live smart.


Everyone in this life needs to achieve something or a lot of things at different phase of their lives. Sometimes you hope to start up a new business, seat for an advanced exam, graduate from school, work in places you love, buy a new house, car and a lot more that you desire that some times seem impossible for you to achieve. Really you could be funny to think of unrealistic things that have never existed before and that could lead to people laughing at you when you try to express your ideas to them.

The truth of the matter is that the reactions of people towards your dreams, goals and ambitions does not really count, what counts the most is how you can bring to life your creative thoughts and achieve them effectively all by taking one step. Once you take a step towards your goals you become higher than your contemporaries who discourage you. You may say I don’t have the required things to start pursuing my life goals but instead think deeply and start with what you have presently rather than waste away. Just give it a try by taking one step which you might fail but don’t be discouraged sit down to restrategies and improvise ways of solving problems ,from there try again and again until you have achieved them successfully.

Never settle your mind on what people will say about you and your dreams, be focused, be determined and dream your dreams rather than sleep and dream because it all starts with one step.


Lately, I know a lot has been going through your mind and you have being pondering on the next step to take in various aspects of life. Handling lot of responsibilities, focused on winning the next competition, pressured with family bills, aiming to achieve lots of goals and desires, choked up with ridiculous deadlines at work and just being confused. Most of us can relate to this but still don’t know what to do or how to handle them effectively .

The best method of addressing all these issues are by writing them down in a book. The secret behind writing in a book is that you tend to align your priorities according to its importance with your present time, you free your mind from a lot of junks and negative thoughts of not achieving your goals, you discover all around possibilities in your work, generation of creative ideas to your duties, health wise your brain attains a level of rest and peace which is very essential for it to function well. Realistically when you write your desires and goals in a book you express your self very well that you have a better understanding of the roles you have to play, the influence you make and its anticipated results.

“write your goals and dreams never to forget and actualize them”.Smart

Remember that the faintest ink is better than the sharpest brain, no matter your level of mental capacity and strength of retentiveness and assimilation still write it all out.